CPD: Guidelines for the Health Practitioners


The revised HPCSA CPD guidelines were published in 2017. Did you know that self study articles cannot be older than 5-years from date of publication in the relevant medical journal? And that only 1 in every 5 questions in a multiple choice questionnaire can be of the TRUE/FALSE kind? Focus on Health complies with these and other CPD requirements.

HPCSA has just sent out their 2nd audit for 2017

The HPCSA has just sent out their 2nd audit for 2017 by email. Proof of CPD compliance for the period 1 November 2015 to 31 October 2017 is required.


Dental assistants registration

Any person who worked as a dental assistant prior to 7 April 2017 and who is not registered with the HPCSA, may apply to the Board within six months of the publication of the Regulations, for registration as a dental assistant. Such a dental assistant must pass a Board examination within two years after registration.

Focus on Health will schedule a number of workshops to assist assistants in preparing for the Board examination. Complete our Quick contact form below and we will be in touch.


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To all our Focus on Health members

Please note the progress of CPD activities for 2016:

  1. Radiography: Activities were posted and emailed in January 2016.
    (If your receive your package via email please also consult your spam/junk folder)
  2. Medical Practitioners: Activities were posted and emailed in the week of 7th March 2016.
  3. Emergency Care personnel: Activities will be posted and emailed as from the 18th of March 2016.
  4. Dentistry: Activities will be posted and emailed as from the 2nd of April 2016.
  5. Physiotherapy and Psychology: Activities will be posted and emailed in May 2016.
    (However we have an ethics and general activity ready for completion, if you would like to do this please send us a whatsapp with your Foh No and “YES” to 074 230 3874)

Dental assistants registration

“In order to facilitate the registration of those dental assistants who, as a result of this moratorium, did not register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), the Professional Board for Dental Therapy and Oral Hygiene (PBDOH) is presently instituting measures that would enable unqualified yet experienced dental assistants to be provisionally registered for a period of two years, with the provision that within a period of two years they complete a Board examination”.

If you need to be updated on this issue and hope to provisionally register, please complete the “Quick contact” form on the homepage and indicate that your query concerns the registration of dental assistants.

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New HPCSA compliance audit

The HPCSA is conducting a new CPD compliance audit of registered health care professionals.

If you are a member of Focus on Health, please relax immediately. We will take care of everything. But remember, we must know you are being audited. Drop us an email, do that WhatsApp thing on 074 230 3874 or give us a shout and let us know. We will take it from there.

If you are already compliant, we will on your request send your Individual CPD Activity Record (IAR) on to the HPCSA and copy you in. If not, we will let you know what the problem is and solve it with you.

Our CPD activities for radiography for 2016 are ready

This year you will only receive one package with 15 activities and a total of 31 CEU’s.

For our email clients: Your CPD package has been sent out via email on the 22nd of January 2016. If you did not receive your email please contact us.

For our postal clients: Your CPD package was posted as from the 18th of January 2016.

Shortage of medical supplies to be addressed

Pretoria – The National Department of Health says manufacturers of medical supplies have reported that they have already implemented remedial measures to address the shortage of medical supplies to public and private healthcare facilities.

The department said manufacturers have committed to addressing the problem over the next four weeks.

“… They plan to deliver all outstanding orders for the majority of the medicines that are affected,” said the department on Monday.

The department said manufacturers reported this following an urgent meeting convened by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi on Friday, with 32 executives from pharmaceutical companies and suppliers that have been experiencing difficulties to supply about 155 product lines over the past couple of weeks.

The medicines affected by these shortages include certain antibiotics, cardiovascular medicines, analgesics, anesthetic agents and central nervous system medicines.

“Manufacturers of these medicines had an opportunity to share the reasons for these shortages. Each product faces a specific set of challenges. Nevertheless, these problems could be categorised into three areas:

  • Difficulty with sourcing of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and other raw materials,
  • Unforeseen delays in the formulation and packaging of medicines, and
  • Unanticipated increases in demand for a particular medicine.

The department said the shortage is due to lack of active pharmaceutical ingredients globally. The department said it has joined hands with Pharmaceutical companies to avoid drug stock outs in South Africa’s health system.

“The shortage of medicines is a global problem affecting even the most developed countries including the United States, Canada, European Union and Australia. In South Africa, these shortages have affected both the public and private health sectors,” said the department.

The health department said it will be monitoring the situation and implement other measures necessary to ensure the availability of medicines in the health system.

The department said it has been searching for other global suppliers that may have sufficient stock of these items to assist until supplies are restored.

“Over the next couple of weeks we anticipate receiving these medicines from suppliers outside of South Africa, and we are confident that the supplies will improve.

“During this period of limited supplies, it may be necessary for patients to use a different strength of medicine where their usual prescribed strength is unavailable (e.g. 30 mg tablet is unavailable so take two 15mg tablets) or in some cases using a therapeutic alternative until the usual medicine is back in stock,” said the department.

The department said it will be communicating the details of how to address the shortage of each medicine with health professionals, and will also engage the World Health Organization (WHO) to get guidance, especially on the latest developments with regard to products that are pre-qualified by the organisation, as the department endeavour to source some of this items globally to avoid medicine stock outs in the country.

Meanwhile, the department reiterated that there is no shortage of ARV’s in South Africa, and the supplies of Abacavir is now restored and all back orders will be filled in mid-June. – SAnews.gov.za


Baie dankie vir jou lojale ondersteuning van Focus on Health die afgelope aantal jare. Ons waardeer dit BAIE!

Ons gee nou vir ‘n beperkte tyd vir ons mees lojale lede eerste die geleentheid om hulle CPD gratis te doen deur nuwe lede na ons te verwys.

Wanneer jy in die toekoms iemand na ons toe verwys, maak seker dat ons kennis neem dat jy die verwysing gedoen het. Vir elke 15-punt CPD-lid (SDR, tandarts-assistant, ambulans-assistant) wat jy verwys kry jy R50.00 krediet. Vir elke 30-punt CPD-lid (radiografis, tandarts, spesialis, algemene praktisyn, sielkundige, fisioterapeut, biokinetikus) wat jy verwys ontvang jy R100.00 krediet. Indien jy ‘n radioloog verwys, ontvang jy R125.00 krediet.

Jy ontvang hierdie krediet solank as wat daardie persoon lid is van Focus en Health en sy rekening op datum is. Deur in te teken op ons aanlyn platform sal jy ook kan sien wie jy almal verwys het. Tussen 6 – 12 verwysings sal dus verseker dat jou CPD gratis is.

Jy het oor die afgelope aantal jare waarskynlik reeds verwysings gedoen. Baie dankie daarvoor. Dit is egter nou eers vir ons moontlik om ‘n inisiatief soos hierdie administratief suksesvol te hanteer.

Ons glo in ons harte dat CPD gratis kan wees en hierdie is net een van die inisiatiewe wat ons neem om dit moontlik te maak. Sien hierdie ook as ‘n langer termyn plan van aksie vir jou.

Al verwys jy net twee persone per jaar, kan jy nog steeds uiteindelik jou CPD gratis doen.

Vanaf 1 Augustus 2015 sal hierdie inisiatief aan al ons lede gebied word.

Gerieflikheidshalwe sluit ons skakels in na aansoekvorms vir lidmaatskap van al die beroepe vir wie ons CPD aanbied.

Vir enige verdere navrae epos ons gerus op (safocus@iafrica.com) OF kontak ons gedurende kantoor ure (012-653 2394 / 0133)

Die FoH-span

Dear Focus on Health Members

We trust that you had a most enjoyable and restful festive holiday and that you will be graced in this new year with renewed strength, fresh ideas, an abundance of laughter, good health and spirits, love and kindness for all and that your work will be a blessing to you and all the patients that you help this year. May you prosper in your work and in your personal life and may 2015 be the year where every day counts. Each minute that passes is a minute of your life that you will never be able to retrieve again. Enjoy the year and special thanks for being part of the Focus on Health family. We are looking forward to attending to all your CPD requirements. And remember there is nothing more true than being your real authentic self. Let your light shine bright in 2015!

One way of countering the effects of a postal strike (which may affect again very soon) is to have all 15/30 points for 2015 ready at once. But, while we are busy sourcing and accrediting the activities we have the ethics and a general activity ready for the reason that the HPCSA has sent out letters for an audit due in Feb 2015.

We also include a guideline as to when you may expect your full set of CPD activities:

Psychology 31 March 2015 & 30 June 2015
Dental Assistants 30 April 2015
Dentists 31 May 2015
Oral Hygienists 31 May 2015
Physiotherapy 31 March 2015 & 30 June 2015

Activities in Professional Ethics

We provide a very interesting and relevant articles in this category; waking up during an operation and if it is ethical if the anaesthetist then injects you with a drug that will erase any memories of this.

Activity One – GE1(15) Anaesthesia, amnesia and harm 4 Ethics CEU’s

Activities in General

Activity One – G1(15) Why is it so difficult to loose weight? 2 General CEU’s

Online CPD

Why not complete your answer sheet online?

Remember that you can use our online facility JUST to complete your answer sheets. You don’t have to fax it to us, wait for a confirmation, give us a call or cope with the effects of power outages. Just log in, capture your answers and your Individual CPD Activity Record (IAR) is immediately populated with your results.

If you fax your answer sheet(s) look out for a confirmatory sms from us. If you do not receive such an sms, please fax your answer sheets again.

Postal strike

When the post office strikes again you have a few options:

  • If you would like to receive your CPD activities via COURIER for R40.00; please provide us with a physical address where someone will be available during office hours to receive your CPD activities.
  • You can notify us to send the next set of activities via this email campaign again.
  • You may also just wait until the strike is over.

Payment and cancellation policy

Should your account be in arrears answer sheets will NOT be assessed. Accounts continually in arrears can also lead to us requesting the blacklisting of the account holder.

For paid up accounts and referrals, we reciprocate by offering a discount on annual fees as well as credits to accounts.

Please remember that we require written notice of cancellation and that a three – month notice period applies. In all cases your account will be seen as active without such a notice of cancellation.

Kind regards,

Shelley Schouten
FOH Team Leader