• Medical, Dentistry and Medical science

    The following professions are registered under the auspices of the board:


    • Medical Practitioners
    • Clinical Associates
    • Anesthetist’s Assistants
    • Health Assistants


    • Dentists

    Medical Science

    • Genetic Counsellors
    • Medical Physicists
    • Medical Biological Scientists
    • Biomedical Engineers (register closed for new registrations)
    • Clinical Biochemists (register closed for new registrations)

The Medical and Dental Board registers practitioners falling under the professions medical, dental and medical science. It aims to establish a generic framework of core competencies and exit concerns for the training and education of medical, dental and medical science practitioners. It also guides and informs curriculum development processes, and ensures adherence by training institutions to core competencies and training frameworks. Furthermore it ensures effective communication with stakeholders and establish up-to-date and relevant ethical rules of behavior and conduct, while facilitating professional matters of decision making.

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