• Radiography & Clinical Technology

    The following professions are registered under the auspices of the board:

    • Clinical Technologists
    • Student Clinical Technologists
    • Graduate Clinical Technologists
    • Student Radiographers
    • Radiographers
    • Electro-Encephalographic Technicians
    • Student Electro-Encephalographic Technicians
    • Supplementary Radiation Laboratory Technologists
    • Supplementary Diagnostic Radiographers
    • Student Supplementary Diagnostic Radiographers
    • Restricted Supplementary Diagnostic Radiographers
    • Radiation Laboratory Technologists
    • Student Radiation Laboratory Technologists
    • Supplementary Clinical Technologists
    • Supplementary Electro- Encephalographic Technicians

Radiography is the science of X-rays and other high-energy radiation in the practice of medicine.

Clinical Technology is a profession concerned with the entire human body and the functioning of its organs. Clinical Technology uses specialized procedures and sophisticated apparatus to diagnose and help with corrective treatment for patients.

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