Audit Assistance

The HPCSA has conducted four CPD compliance audits for 2020. Please note that we submit all compliant audits on the due date (or the day before, should it fall on a weekend). In the case that you are not compliant by the time of submission, we will submit your audit on the 6-month extension due date.

  1. Period: 1Jan2018 – 31Dec2019 Due: 31 Jan 2020 or EXT 31JUL2020
  2. Period: 1Feb2018 – 31Jan2020 Due: 29 Feb 2020 or EXT 29AUG2020
  3. Period: 1May2018 – 30Apr2020 Due: 31 May 2020 or EXT 30NOV2020
  4. Period: 1Jul2018 – 30Jun2020 Due: 4 Aug 2020 or EXT 14DEC2020

Should you complete your CPD activities before the due date – please let us know so we can submit the audit on your behalf.