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CPD activity accreditation:

All our activities are accredited by HPCSA approved accreditors.

Validity period of activities:

2 Years

Cross accreditation:

  • Cross accreditation refers to any approved CPD activities (e.g. topics on HIV/AIDs, disability, professional ethics, professional practice, and medical law) that may be attended or completed  by healthcare professionals from a number of different professions.
  • Individuals from all professions (registered with the HPCSA) attending the CPD activity will be able to obtain CEUs for that activity irrespective of which particular Professional Board /  Accreditor had accredited the activity and which accredited service provider was offering the activity; provided that the activity is relevant to their scope of practice. An activity on Informed Consent, accredited within the context of ethics, professional practice and medical law, can therefore be completed by all professions.
  • Furthermore the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA) allows its members to complete / attend activities accredited through HPCSA approved accreditors if they are relevant to their scope of practice. A registered chiropractor can, for instance, complete selected activities accredited for physiotherapists.

Audit assistance:

  • Send us your audit letter and CPD certificates
  • Your individual CPD activity record (IAR) is compiled with a clear distinction between CEU’s achieved in clinical and professional ethics, human rights and law;
  • In case you need additional CEU’s, we will provide you with accredited activities
  • In some cases you may find it difficult to comply with the HPCSA deadline. In this case we will ask for an extension on your behalf;
  • Once compliant your IAR is submitted to the Health Professions Council Of South Africa (HPCSA) by means of an email, on your behalf.  You are copied in the email as proof of submission.

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