Welcome to our CPD programme


We send you pre-selected activities for the number of CEU’s required. Our activities are self study material which can be completed in your own time. Activities consist of profession – specific reading material from open source peer reviewed journals with a multiple-choice questionnaire based on the reading material.  An answer sheet is provided which should be sent back for assessment or completed online.

  • All answer sheets should be returned before the end of each year.
  • A pass rate of  70% is required.
  • Answers are in the reading material, no additional research needed.
  • Our CPD activities are level 1 CEU’s.

Expert Panel:

To ensure that activities comply with CPD rules and regulations  we make use of a panel of experts consisting of  current / former lecturers from academic institutions.

Delivery methods:

  • Post

    (Hard copies of your CPD activities are sent via SAPO to your postal address)

  • Collect from our office

    400 Theuns van Niekerk Street, Wierda Park, 0149
    (An SMS is sent when your package is ready for collection)

  • Courier

    (Hard copies of your CPD activities are sent to you via Fastway to your physical address)

  • Email

    (An email with links to activities is sent to you)

  • Online completion

    With this option, no activities are sent to you, but only an SMS that informs you that activities are available online. A unique username and password will be provided to sign in.

CPD record + archive:

An online profile is created were we keep record of all your CPD activities – we take it a step further by not just capturing Focus on Health’s CPD activities but you can also send us all certificates of attendance  which you complete through other CPD providers. This means all your CPD points are kept together on one portfolio.

Example of Individual CPD activity record:

Activity numbering:

Each CPD activity has a unique numbering system. Starting with a profession code, activity number, year of accreditation and year of expiry. For example PE1(18)2021 is the 1st ethics activity for 2018 and will be relevant until 2021.

Example of activity:

CPD online portal:

Username: Focus on Health membership number (F0000)

Password: ID number

Once you logged in navigate to the “My online CPD activities” tab. In the table “My CPD activities not yet completed” you will see the activities you have to complete every year.