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Payments, cancellations and referrals

Payment options:

  • Monthly
  • Once-off

Payment methods:

  • Debit order
  • EFT
  • Credit card
  • Cash at Checkers
  • Online

Kindly take note that payment is not based on answer sheets being returned but on membership.

Cancellation policy:

CPD compliance is a statutory requirement and therefore your FoH membership automatically renews every year to ensure your CPD compliance with the HPCSA. We require written notice of cancellation. In all cases your account and membership will be seen as active without such a notice.

Refer a friend:

When you refer a friend you will continue to receive a referral fee of between R50.00 and R100.00 for each new member you refer and whose account is fully paid. You will continue to receive this for as long as they remain with Focus on Health and their fees are paid up. Your CPD can be free of charge!

Group/Corporate memberships:

We encourage group CPD membership as this gives us the opportunity to offer great rates.  You can contact us for more information.

Focus on Health banking details:
Bank: ABSA
Branch Code: 632005
Account No: 405 843 7431
Account type: Cheque
Reference No: Focus on Health membership number

Thank you for your interest in Focus on Health. Please note:

  1. This is the application form for CPD membership, if you are interested in the dispensing course please click here.
  2. Focus on Health charges an annual membership fee, this is not a free membership. To view our fees please click here.
  3. Focus on Health offers a continuous membership, in other words, we will renew your membership every year unless you send a cancellation letter. If you only want to complete CPD activities once-off, please register on our BuyCPD portal

To proceed with your continuous CPD member application please click on ‘Proceed’ below.

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