POPIA Toolkit

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act has been promulgated in its final form. Compliance with the act is now a legal obligation.

POPIA will become enforceable against practices from 1 July 2021. It contains many requirements that practices must meet to ensure that they comply with POPIA and that their processing of personal information of not only patients, but also practice staff, referring practitioners and others (i.e. data subjects), is reasonable. POPIA contains extensive requirements related to disclosures that must be made to data subjects regarding the processing of their personal information.

Focus on Health can offer you POPIA made easy through:

  • Number 1

    A POPI guide that highlights those parts of the Act are most important for medical practice. The Guide provides an interpretation and application of POPIA for practitioners in private practice.

  • Number 2

    Recommended personal information management policy to assist practitioners and staff to comply with POPIA

  • Number 3

    Recommended privacy policy to provide required information to data subjects

  • Number 4

    Recommended record keeping policy to assist the practice to manage patient information and other practice records to comply with POPIA

  • Number 5

    Recommended website terms and conditions

  • Number 6

    Recommended PAIA Manual, which will become compulsory for practices.

  • Number 7

    Suggested additions to patient consent forms.

  • Number 8

    Compulsory clauses that need to be added to agreements with persons/entities that process personal information on behalf of the practice such as bureaus.

  • Number 9

    A quarterly webinar for you and / or designated staff

  • Number 10

    A 12-hour support line

  • Number 11

    Staff training

  • Number 12

    CPD accreditation

Please let us know which one of the following packages suits you best:

  • Basic package

    Includes items 1 – 4 + 6 = R2 550.00

  • Intermediate package

    Includes items 1 – 6 = R2 750.00

  • Basic advanced package

    Includes items 1 – 8 = R3 500.00

  • Advanced package

    Includes items 1 – 9 = R4 550.00

  • Gold package

    The whole tutti with the least worries for you = R5 000.00

All costs exclude VAT. 

A 5% discount is offered on once-off payments.

Monthly payments, with a maximum payment period  of 24 months, are possible through debit order.

Disclaimer: Fees may differ for larger / group practices and may be discounted for small, one-person practices. Terms and conditions apply.

Please complete the application form if you would like to make use of this service. Alternatively you may send an email to info@foh-cpd.co.za or give us a call on 012 653 0133 if you have any queries.