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Healthcare practitioners have a responsibility to continually update their professional knowledge and skills for the benefit of the patient or client. To this end the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has made Continuing Professional Development (CPD) mandatory and all registered practitioners must comply with profession- specific requirements.

In 1999 Focus on Health was founded and developed a range of CPD solutions.  Through the creation of a panel of experts, representative of all specialties, we ensure that CPD activities are timeous, relevant and authoritative.

Our dedicated team strives to generate new solutions to make your environment so much easier to navigate. Focus on Health’s pre-selection of activities and providing these timeously, save you time and money. While colleagues search for activities, are frustrated with data bundle fees, slow internet connections, and are surprised by HPCSA audits, your CPD is sorted. This gives you the advantage of always knowing we have your back when it comes to your CPD.  We will  make sure we meet your expectations.

What we do

We offer you a partnership by not stopping at CPD, but taking it further to ensure statutory compliance as it relates to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Department of Health (DoH).

CPD and Dispensing


Focus on Health’s membership is valid for a calendar year and renews automatically in January of the following year. CPD packages are sent out once a year with activities to the value of either 15 or 30 CEU’s to make up your portfolio for the year.

Benefits to your membership includes, an address check with the HPCSA as required by law and communicating with you more often to ensure yearly compliance with CPD.  This is in addition to our CPD audit assistance and the upkeep and archive of your CPD activity record.

Our activities are self-study material which can be completed in your own time. Activities consist of profession – specific reading material from open source peer reviewed journals with a multiple-choice questionnaire based on the reading material.


Focus on Health has been presenting a dispensing course for the past 14 years. We introduced the workshop context and all providers have since copied this approach. This just goes to show that we are the leader in this field.

Our workshop allows for add-on lectures on the legal and ethical requirements related to dispensing, practical tips, and guidelines on managing your dispensary, the interpretation of key aspects of the Medicines and Related Substances Act (Act 101 of 1965) as amended and finally addressing the KEY issue; how to comply with the medicines act after you have acquired your license to dispense.

If you have applied for another course and find it difficult to figure out how it all sticks together, you can still make use of our knowledge and expertise. And if you are not sure for which course to apply, give us a call. We take your location, time available, specialty and personal situation into account to provide you with the best option available.

Not sure how our CPD services work and what we offer

Become a member of Focus On Health today to access a range of great benefits we have to offer.

  1. We offer a range of pre-selected activities;
  2. Delivered in your preferred way;
  3. A regularly updated CPD activity record;
  4. CPD archives, Reminders, Follow-up’s and HPCSA audit assistance;
  5. Assured yearly compliance;
  6. a Peace of mind partnership

Pay as you go CPD

You can purchase self-study CPD activities to complete as you need.

  1. Simply browse our activity library according to your registered board
  2. Register to activate your online portal
  3. Purchase credit bundles for the amount of CEU’s you need
  4. Select and complete your choice of ethics or clinical activities
  5. Print out your completed activities in the format set out by HPCSA

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Radiation oncology

As from 16 July we are offering CPD activities in radiation oncology. If this is your field of practice, you can become a member and receive a 50% discount on your first year. Use the promotion code “oncology” when registering.

Environmental Health

As from 16 July we are offering CPD activities in environmental health. If this is your field of practice, you can become a member and receive a 50% discount on your first year. Use the promotion code “EH” when registering.