Focus on Health Dispensing Course

Focus on Health has been presenting dispensing course workshops since 2005. Our knowledge and experience base are enhanced through being a co-opted member of the National Convention on Dispensing (NCD) who regularly interacts with the Department of Health (DOH) on dispensing related issues and supporting many dispensing practices with medicine sales and profitability analyses, as well as staff training.

When completing your course with Focus on Health you can receive the following supplementary services:

  • Assistance with your dispensing license application
  • Personalised support throughout the application process
  • Free access to the online Dispensing Compliance Tool (DCT) for three months

Special provision is also made for clinical trail doctors and specialists in terms of scheduling.

We understand that it is also an issue of horses for courses when it comes to choosing a dispensing course. And that it can be quite a daunting task to decide which one to finally select. Therefore, if what we offer does not really suit you, we will recommend the course that best suits your needs.

Course content

Course content consists of the following:

  • The ethical and legal aspects of dispensing
  • Basic pharmacological principles
  • The three phases of the dispensing process as prescribed in the Medicines and Related Substances Act (Act101 of 1965 as amended). Phase 1 being the evaluation and interpretation of patient information leading to a legal prescription, Phase 2 being the physical act of dispensing and Phase 3 being counselling to ensure safe and effective use of medicine and monitoring compliance.
  • Stock management

Dispensing Course

Delivery method

Workshop approach

Through this approach you are effectively provided with a deadline for completion of the course. In the run-up to the workshop, you will receive your study guide(s) and be introduced to the course through an introductory letter. Some pre-reading is required in preparation for the workshop.

The workshop allows for completion of formative assessments through add-on lectures on the application of basic pharmacological principles in phase one of the dispensing process, legal and ethical requirements related to dispensing, practical tips, and guidelines on managing your dispensary, the interpretation of key aspects of the Medicines and Related Substances Act (Act 101 of 1965) as amended and finally addressing the KEY issue; how to comply with the Medicines Act after you have acquired your license to dispense.

All dispensing courses require a contact session with an assessor. As such the workshop option covers three days, although the mandatory assessor session may not directly follow on the workshop. We, however, schedule our workshops to ensure that the assessor session is just before or after the workshop itself.

Sometimes a health care professional urgently needs to complete the dispensing course. In cases like this, we are able to recommend the course that best allows the achievement of this aim.

The fee for this option is R8 860.00 (VAT exclusive) depending on the venue. Please note that prices may vary depending on interest and special requirements.


If you DO NOT want the workshop or online options, or have any specific requirements, please CALL us or complete the QUICK CONTACT form to allow us to recommend the best option for you.

One-on-one sessions via Skype / ZOOM

These sessions are done on an individual basis.

An initial session introduces you to the course, its outcomes, assessments, and the practical assignment. During this session, a decision is taken on the frequency and duration of the following sessions; and in essence in what time frame you want to complete the course.

After completion of all formative assessments and the practical assignment, you need to attend a face-to-face contact session with an assessor before the final examination or summative assessment can be booked. This can be written in the comfort of your home or your consulting rooms as long as you appoint an invigilator.

The fee for this option ranges from R9 167.00 – R9 967.00

Group sessions via ZOOM

When four or more learners are willing to take part in scheduled  sessions on zoom, a course group is formed.

A maximum of 6 sessions of 90-minutes each are scheduled during which the course content is unlocked to assist the learner in completing the formative assessment as well as the practical assignment. The learner is also prepared for the summative assessment.

Sessions are scheduled weekdays between 07:30 and 18:00.

The cost for this option is R6 800.00 (VAT exclusive).

This is a provisional schedule, subject to change depending on interest

* This is a compulsory contact session with an assessor and is only relevant to certain courses.
* You only need to attend one contact session, thus you may select only one date from the options provided that suits your schedule best.
* Where courses start at 12:00, it will continue up to 18:00 on Day 1 and from 08:00 – 14:00 on Day 2. Where the course starts at 09:00 it continues up to 16:00 on Day 1 and from 08:00 – 13:00 on Day 2.
* Venues will be announced six weeks in advance OR as applications are received. Venues are chosen based on the location of the majority of learners.
* Applications close seven working days before the start date of the course.
* Complete applications, i.e. applications where all documentation as requested is provided, qualify for a 3% discount.