How you can contact us

We strive to check and reply to all our incoming messages every day. Kindly allow us a 48-hour window to answer, but it might be sooner or even immediately. Should you require urgent assistance please contact our office.

Telephone: 012 653 0133 / 2394
WhatsApp: 074 230 3874

Focus on Health uses WhatsApp as an alternative communication method and not an instant messaging service.

To avoid a delay and duplication we ask that you contact us via ONE communication channel ONLY.

If you encounter difficulties reaching us via phone, please send us an email. We prioritise responding to emails, as all our staff have access to assist in responding.

During load shedding, we operate from home to maintain productivity. Consequently, there will be no one at the office during these times. Please arrange for collections in advance.

Please be informed that our accounts are now managed by BredellFerreira. They will be in touch regarding your membership fees and account balance starting next week. Rest assured; your account was not legally handed over.

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