Every point you get is valid for two years from the date of accrual / accreditation of that activity. For instance look at the date on which a certificate was signed. The HPCSA’s intention is to get all health care practitioners to accrue 30 points per year, and due to the validity of two years of each point, you should thus have 60 at the end of two years. If you stuck to this “rule”, you will now upload the points you accrued in 2019 and 2020. By early 2022, you will then only upload those accrued in 2021 because those accrued in 2020 are still valid up to the end of 2022.

A Focus on Health membership is valid for a calendar year and renews automatically in January of the following year. CPD packages are sent out once a year with clinical and professional ethics activities to the value of 15/30 CEU’s to make up your portfolio for the year.

An online profile is created were we keep record of all your CPD activities – we take it a step further by not just capturing Focus on Health’s CPD activities but you can also send us all certificates of attendance which you complete through other CPD providers. This means all your CPD points are kept together on one portfolio.

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  1. Once–off payment
  2. Monthly payments by debit order
  • Send a WhatsApp to 074 230 3874 with your HPCSA registration number
  • Refer to the subject line of all our email correspondence
  • Refer to the reference number of all our SMS correspondence