Dispensing License Fee

Dear Healthcare Professional

One of the requirements of having a dispensing license is keeping your annual fee payments up to date. An amount of R200.00 per license is due to the Department of Health by the 28th of February every year.

Due to the increasing administrative burden to communicate with the Department in terms of allocating payments, applying for address changes and updating your details, we have resolved to introduce a dispensing license administration service of R200.00 (Excl. VAT) per annum.

What does this include?

  • We will automatically pay your annual fees due on your behalf every year until you cancel. This means that you won’t have to worry about when or what is due to the Department of Health, we do the administration for you.
  • You will automatically receive an invoice in the beginning of every year for the annual fees due, in other words, R200.00 x Number of licenses that you have + Focus on Health administration fee of R200.00 (Excl. VAT)
  • Once your annual fees have been paid, we hand in the proof of payment in person at the Department of Health to ensure that it has been received to be allocated to your account.
  • We keep record of these payments made to the Department to reduce your administrative burden.
  • One free status check on your dispensing license(s) per annum on request.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Anika on 067 652 3008 or anika@foh-cpd.co.za.

Please complete the following form if we should pay your annual fees every year.

    Focus on Health membership represents an annual subscription. For the members’ convenience, membership is renewed on the last day of the applicable calendar year. All membership cancellations should be submitted twenty (20) business days on or before the renewal date on 1 January of each year. It is the members’ responsibility to inform Focus on Health of any personal detail changes.

    Protection of Personal Information Act, (Act 4 of 2013)
    • I hereby give my consent freely and voluntary that Focus on Health (Pty) Ltd and its employees may collect, process and store my personal data, such as my name, surname, identity number, e-mail address, telephone address and assessment outcomes.
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    • If there is reason for me to believe that my personal information is not processed in the correct manner or that it is used for other purposes than what it was intended for, I may contact the information officer/deputy information officer of Focus on Health (Pty) Ltd.
    • Your personal information will be processed according to our Privacy Statement. You are welcome to request a copy at any stage.
  • I consent that my personal information may be used by Focus on Health (Pty) Ltd to bring new products and services, that fall outside the scope of my membership, to my attention and understand that I may opt out from receiving such marketing communications at any time.