CPD within scope of practice

CPD activities must fall within your scope of practice to qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) as required by the HPCSA.

Health care professionals often have access to a variety of CPD accredited activities, such as journal clubs in hospitals, medical journals, CPD websites as well as presentations. For instance, a physiotherapist in a hospital may have access to the accredited journal club organised by the radiology department. When the journal club discusses imaging in lower back pain, this is clearly relevant to the physiotherapist as so many patients present with this condition and they may have questions regarding the role of imaging. When the journal club discusses the role of diagnostic radiographers in the operating theatre, this does not fall within her scope of practice, and  the topic has no relevance to her work. Therefore attendance does not qualify for CEUs. Similarly a presentation in the hospital for cardiologists on the latest lipid lowering guidelines, may be interesting for radiographers, but do not fall within their scope of practice.

Should you be audited and activities do not fall within your scope of practice, you will be found non-compliant and will have to provide proof of compliance within six months.

Our CPD activities are carefully selected to fall within your scope of practice. The HPCSA, when conducting an audit, will check that the activities you claim CEU’s for, are clearly relevant to your profession and scope of practice.

If you are uncertain about any activity, please give us a call.