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Dear Focus on Health Members

We trust that you had a most enjoyable and restful festive holiday and that you will be graced in this new year with renewed strength, fresh ideas, an abundance of laughter, good health and spirits, love and kindness for all and that your work will be a blessing to you and all the patients that you help this year. May you prosper in your work and in your personal life and may 2015 be the year where every day counts. Each minute that passes is a minute of your life that you will never be able to retrieve again. Enjoy the year and special thanks for being part of the Focus on Health family. We are looking forward to attending to all your CPD requirements. And remember there is nothing more true than being your real authentic self. Let your light shine bright in 2015!

One way of countering the effects of a postal strike (which may affect again very soon) is to have all 15/30 points for 2015 ready at once. But, while we are busy sourcing and accrediting the activities we have the ethics and a general activity ready for the reason that the HPCSA has sent out letters for an audit due in Feb 2015.

We also include a guideline as to when you may expect your full set of CPD activities:

Psychology 31 March 2015 & 30 June 2015
Dental Assistants 30 April 2015
Dentists 31 May 2015
Oral Hygienists 31 May 2015
Physiotherapy 31 March 2015 & 30 June 2015

Activities in Professional Ethics

We provide a very interesting and relevant articles in this category; waking up during an operation and if it is ethical if the anaesthetist then injects you with a drug that will erase any memories of this.

Activity One – GE1(15) Anaesthesia, amnesia and harm 4 Ethics CEU’s

Activities in General

Activity One – G1(15) Why is it so difficult to loose weight? 2 General CEU’s

Online CPD

Why not complete your answer sheet online?

Remember that you can use our online facility JUST to complete your answer sheets. You don’t have to fax it to us, wait for a confirmation, give us a call or cope with the effects of power outages. Just log in, capture your answers and your Individual CPD Activity Record (IAR) is immediately populated with your results.

If you fax your answer sheet(s) look out for a confirmatory sms from us. If you do not receive such an sms, please fax your answer sheets again.

Postal strike

When the post office strikes again you have a few options:

  • If you would like to receive your CPD activities via COURIER for R40.00; please provide us with a physical address where someone will be available during office hours to receive your CPD activities.
  • You can notify us to send the next set of activities via this email campaign again.
  • You may also just wait until the strike is over.

Payment and cancellation policy

Should your account be in arrears answer sheets will NOT be assessed. Accounts continually in arrears can also lead to us requesting the blacklisting of the account holder.

For paid up accounts and referrals, we reciprocate by offering a discount on annual fees as well as credits to accounts.

Please remember that we require written notice of cancellation and that a three – month notice period applies. In all cases your account will be seen as active without such a notice of cancellation.

Kind regards,

Shelley Schouten
FOH Team Leader