The HPCSA audit and YOU

HPCSA audit

The HPCSA is conducting a large CPD compliance audit of registered health care professionals. Your name could have been drawn!

If you are a member of Focus on Health, relax immediately. And this doesn’t just sound like an order. It actually is.

We will take care of everything. But remember, we must know you are being audited. Drop us an email, do that Whatsapp 074 230 3874 thing or give us a shout and let us know. We will take it from there. And if you hear nothing from us, do give us a call.

If you are already compliant, we will send your Individual CPD Activity Record (IAR) on to the HPCSA and copy you in. If not, we will let you know what the problem is and solve it with you.

Be very afraid ……

And, please, do not pay attention to those “be very afraid” sms’s or emails where service providers scare you into taking impulsive decisions about CPD. If you are a Focus on Health member your back is covered.

Importantly, the HPCSA actually listens to you, will grant extensions if necessary and, in general, will assist in any way they can.