Updated Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG)

Dear Emergency Care Practitioner,

Your scope of practice has changed with the publication of the updated Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). You can now do MORE than a few months ago.

It is now your responsibility to ensure that you know exactly what these changes are and how it effects your work. In other words you must make sure that you are competent to apply these changes because in most cases it requires MORE clinical skills!

The good news is that Focus on Health, in association with Life Occupational Health, now brings you all the changes in an easy-to-read A4 booklet. AND you can achieve 30 CPD points by answering questions on each section.

The cost involved is similar to that of our CPD program and you become a member of Focus on Health. Please note that to take part in the CPG update, you will be required to remain a member for two (2) years.

Complete our Quick Contact form and we will send you an application form.